Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Funny, cute and creatively inspiring YouTube videos (music themed)

A collection of amusing YouTube videos to stop you from doing the things you need to be doing.  You're welcome.

An "interactive" piano. This video alternates between hilarious and super cute.

109 year old Holocaust survivor and pianist.  Incredibly inspiring and heart-warming video.

12 year old piano prodigy Emily Bear plays her own composition on 2 pianos at the same time.

Think your piano teacher is evil?  At least they don't do this.... (well, hopefully!)

Inspiring Ted Talk on creativity by author Elizabeth Gilbert. If you enjoy the video below, also check out her other Ted Talk, Success, failure and the drive to keep creating.

Orchestra eats hot chillis while playing.  Yes, that is a guy puking into his own hands at the end.

Theme park enthusiasts will enjoy this one.  A musical score that turns into a virtual rollercoaster.

I've tried playing with my back to the piano, but not lying down!  This is quite tongue in cheek funny.

Ode to Joy flashmob. Takes a while to build up but it's really beautiful when it does.

A solution for small hands!

For any instrumental teachers who have ever attempted to teach in a primary school.

If you've ever bought flights from a budget airline like Jetstar you'll appreciate this funny song:

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