About Me

Hi, I'm Beth.  I'm the small-handed person making the YouTube videos that probably brought you here.

I've been playing piano ever since I was 3.

I don't remember ever not being able to play piano. My first piano memories are my prep teacher giving me lollies to play Suzuki pieces for her on the clunky old piano we had in our classroom.

I grew up playing classical repertoire, taking piano lessons for 15 years with Eric Mitchell, who was a very funny, kind and talented teacher.  He was also one of the pioneers of the Suzuki Method in Australia.

My dad plays piano at about 8th grade level and my mum has a Bachelor of Music in piano performance and is a primary school Music Specialist teacher, so there was always a lot of music in our house. My dad especially loves listening to music, and has a huge collection of records and cds ranging from classical to pop groups of the 90s.

When I was 18 I moved on my own from Tasmania to Brisbane.  I moved around a lot and was a povo student to boot so I didn't have my own piano or even a keyboard for 5 years.  In that time I only played piano very rarely in music stores or on the few occasions that I snuck into the Queensland Conservatorium and used their practice pianos.

While I was doing my first degree in Creative Industries I had a few nannying jobs, and it was at one of these that I had to help a little boy with his piano practice.  He wasn't very enthusiastic at all, but I still had so much fun helping him learn piano, and that experience lead me to study for my Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium.

I've been teaching piano now for just over 6 years, and even though it means I don't have much privacy in my home, and I have to work a split shift of weird hours, and 12 weeks a year I can't make any income, and sometimes people don't practice much, and the pay is pretty rubbish by the time I spend a large chunk of it on studio expenses and work a bunch of non-contact hours, I absolutely LOVE it.  I wouldn't do any other job.  It's the best feeling to watch someone play so well they give me goosebumps and think "I taught them how to do that!"

Getting to play music all day and learn more about it literally every week is pretty great too.  I didn't even discover I loved playing jazz music until I was in my 20s.   I hadn't played hardly any jazz or popular music on piano before I was about 25, so it was really fun to explore that.  If  you're having lessons that mainly concentrate on one genre of music I highly recommend experimenting with other styles in your own time.  Even if it's looking up a tutorial of your favourite song on YouTube and finding a video that shows you the basic chords.  It might be easy but it's still fun, and if you're advanced you can use that knowledge to work out a more complex arrangement of the song yourself.  Exploring new avenues always increases my enthusiasm for both teaching and playing piano, so if you're in a rut give that a shot.

If you have any ideas, topics or questions that you think would make a useful blog post, please comment with suggestions.  I don't promise instant replies as I'm an epic procrastinator, but if it's a topic I can write about easily I'll try and churn it out within the month.


  1. Hi Beth,

    I'm one of your youtube followers, writing this from Madrid. I'm following the Piano Adventures for adults, level 1 and must say that I don't dare playing anything without previously listening to you. So thanks a lot for your help!. BTW, are you planning to interpret the Alfred's basic course for jazz/rock? Guess what was my last acquisition... Best regards

  2. Hello from Australia :) I own level 1 of the series you're talking about but have never played through it, so that sounds like a good task for today. Keep an eye out for the videos appearing on YT over the next 24 hours.

    1. thanks a lot! Alfred's people should hire you.


  3. Thank you for the videos you've done on the Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method books! I started taking piano lessons last August, and have watched most of your videos on each song I am learning. It's helped a lot! Have a wonderful 2015 :)
    -Daniel (Boise, ID)

  4. Thank you for posting your helpful videos on YouTube. I'm working through Accelerated Piano Adventure for the Older Beginner. I just started piano lessons for the very first time last month as a 34 year old. I'm having a blast!

  5. Hello Beth,

    Greetings from Las Vegas. I have also benefited from your YouTube videos as an adult learner. On your recent post for "The Bare Necessities" from Disney, do you have the ISBN number for the book?

    Thank you again for the videos.


  6. hello Beth, many thanks for your vid's. Helps me really a lot. I have a question. When I finish Alfred's basic adult course all-in-one, what grade will I have acomplished you think. 1-2 or 2-3, or is it called early intermidate. Thanks. Your vid's are I think one of the best, if not the best for the series of Alfred on You Tube. Gr Ray.

  7. Love your work Beth! I refer my students to your videos a lot! I'm a studio teacher based in Perth- Lisa